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How to operate insulating glass equipment correctly

When operating insulating glass equipment, we all know that safety is the most important. The following is a brief introduction to the safety awareness of the correct operation of insulating glass equipment by the technical staff of Jerex.

1. It is necessary for the operating staff to carry out safety precaution training, concentrate on operation, and strictly wear gloves and other items to operate the machine.

2. The equipment is installed during the working process, and the operating staff should always observe and measure the operating conditions of the equipment such as cutting noise, cooling effect, and cutting accuracy. It is forbidden to operate the equipment with illness.

3. It is forbidden to shut down and cut off the power while cutting the process.

Downtime maintenance:

After the shutdown, the equipment should be completely cleaned and maintained. Wipe off liquid coolant and aluminum shavings. Power off, deflate and drain, and clean and oil the sliding friction parts.

It is necessary to strictly implement the relevant provisions of the "General Operating Regulations for the Processing and Equipment of Aluminum Doors and Windows".

Operation and Safety:

1. According to the wall thickness of the profile and the size of the end face, the working speed of the saw head should be adjusted appropriately.

2. Select the appropriate profile three-dimensional as the reference plane, and stick closely with the equipped work surface.

3. The profiles are pressed tightly and accurately. In case of unusually shaped profiles, the profile cutting tooling should be customized to assist in positioning the profiles to ensure accurate cutting.

4. When changing the cutting point of the machine head, it is necessary to first observe whether the saw blade and the pressing installation interfere. After the viewpoint adjustment is completed, it is necessary to lock the viewpoint handle.

5. Sufficient spray cooling must be stopped during the cutting process.

6. During the cutting process, it is not advisable to leave the material head too small, so as not to fall into the saw edge and injure the saw blade.

Preparatory work before starting:

1. To clean and maintain the machinery, it is necessary to suspend the cleaning and lubrication of each movable part, the movable pair of the guide rail, etc. before starting the machine, and it is necessary to go for grinding after refueling;

2. Before using the equipment, it is necessary to check whether the condition of the air source triplet is abnormal, and observe whether the lubricating oil in the lubricator can reach the low oil supply standard line. If it is insufficient, 32# mechanical oil should be replenished in time; The accumulated water inside, the air source triplet should be washed every three months, especially the water cup, filter element and other parts. Note: It is forbidden to install triplet components with air pressure to avoid hurting people or destroying things. The oil filling amount of the lubricator should be controlled at 1-2 drops per minute.

3. Check to add saw blade coolant or lubricating fluid. (Coolant type: ①. Compromise of 5-7# engine oil + 70% kerosene. ②. Shared metal cutting fluid. In order to ensure the abnormal use and cutting results of the equipment, it is forbidden to use clean water as the coolant.)

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